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IQC the ISO Pros of Alabama is one of the best and most reliable ISO consulting companies in Alabama. Our consultants help organizations in implementing ISO standards to get certified to a wide range of ISO standards. And ISO 9001 is one of them.

If you want your firm to get certified to ISO 9001, contact our professionals now! For more info, read along.

Lillian, Alabama

What is ISO 9001 & why it’s important

ISO 9001 is an ISO standard that targets processes for improving service and product quality. It ensures that organizations have made their processes competent enough to produce better services and products. It has some guidelines for you to implement and integrate into your existing system to achieve the results.

The importance of this ISO standard should be clear by now. However, we’ll still tell you about the importance. Many organizations dream of better-quality products and services. But are they all able to achieve that? No, right? And what’s lacking is a foundation or a solid framework.

This is why ISO 9001 is important. This standard acts as a framework to introduce improvement or new processes in your system.

Let’s talk about another standard that can help your organization improve.

What is CMMI

CMMI is also known as Capability Maturity Model integration. This standard has the potential to simplify the processes in your business. It can streamline the process flow and can make your processes efficient enough. It comes with numerous guidelines you need to follow to achieve the certification.

The CMMI certification has five different levels for you to certify to. You can choose any level, implement the guidelines and apply for certification. Each level indicates the optimization level you want to target or want to integrate into your system.

The benefits of this certification are amazing. Your processes can become more efficient, and you can become more productive. This will improve customer satisfaction and will directly impact your revenue. So, if you want to enjoy such benefits, contact IQC, the ISO Pros of Alabama, now!  


ISO 13485

This ISO standard ensures that the best quality medical products & components are manufactured and supplied. If you belong to the medical industry, this certification can really help. It’s like the ISO 9001 but has better benefits and targets a specific industry, i.e., the medical industry.

The first benefit of this certification is quite obvious. Yes, it’ll help you enhance the quality of medical products and equipment you manufacture. This certification will prove that your company has the best processes in place that focus on safer and reliable medical products.

When your customers and stakeholder get to know about this, your reputation will increase. Customers will think highly of your organization. It will bring in more business both at the local and international level so, if you want the benefits, connect with us now!

Companies all over Lillian in the neighboring regions rely on IQC, the ISO Pros of Alabama, for ISO consulting service. It is because of the affordable and effective services we provide. So, if you want guaranteed results, contact us now.

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